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Let's meet on Malta!

I have a dream to create a meeting place in Malta, which at regular conferences will connect cyber-specialists from Africa and Europe. The special location of Malta between two continents is practically begging to be used as an international HUB. 

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EU-NIP PL8992982765

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Central Europe

Nowe Jagodno
Buforowa 99a/13
52-131 Wrocław

mobile +48 515 490 505

Southern Europe

Tower Business Centre
Tower Street 2nd floor
Swatar, BKR 4013

mobile +356 9906 8505


Coming soon to Malta. Physiotherapy and massages are a fantastic complement to IT specialists who spend long hours in front of a computer.
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I come here most often out of all the social media. If you want to write to me, write me by e-mail.

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I have it because I have it, but to be honest, I'm the least convinced about Instagram.

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I am not anonymous. You can read opinions about me. By the way... on Facebook too.

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Nothing is happening on YouTube yet, I just started a channel. I need more time.

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