Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyber Security

Use my 33 years of expierience in IT
and 8 years in Cyber Security.

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I'm gonna help you to build a new
SOC and SIEM from scratch.

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Become IT
for non tech guys

Don't worry if you are not tech.
I will help you to become IT like me!

Become IT

Why Iearn IT ?

There are many reasons why it's worthwhile. They might vary for each individual, but if we look at it from a global perspective, we can certainly list the following.

High Demand for Skills:

The IT industry is constantly growing, creating a high demand for skilled professionals. This demand spans various sectors, ensuring a wide array of job opportunities.

Lucrative Career Path:

IT professionals often enjoy competitive salaries and benefits, reflecting the industry's value and the specialized skills required.

Opportunities for Continuous Learning:

Technology is always evolving, offering endless opportunities for learning and professional growth. IT professionals can continually update and expand their skills, keeping their careers dynamic and exciting.

Flexibility and Remote Work:

Many IT roles offer the flexibility of remote work and adaptable schedules, accommodating a better work-life balance compared to many other professions.

Creative Problem Solving:

IT is not just about technical skills; it involves creativity and innovative thinking to solve complex problems, making the work intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

Global Impact and Connectivity:

Working in IT means contributing to technologies that connect people globally and have a profound impact on how society operates, from communication to business and entertainment.

Since 2014

Good customer reviews and great experience. Continuously on the Polish and European.

European Company

I run a European company based in Poland, but I am open to cooperation from all over the world.
From March also in Malta.


Last 8 years of cooperation with the largest corporations in the world, such as IBM, as well as for the polish government within NASK.

become IT from ZERO to HERO

 Online store in illustrative form. Sales will start in 2024. 

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Before Cyber Security I spent over 10 years being freelance and enterprise web developer and frontend developer as well. Right now I don't like to waste time for "from finger" webpages. I'm using CMS (Content Manager System) which gonna help you edit some information by self without anyone from tech support like me. That's why if you don't wanna spend your time on website, server, domain and mail configuration as well, just let me know. I'm pretty sure that we're gonna find best solution for you, alright? Let's stay in touch! :-)


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